Monday, 1 February 2010

Ever have a doctor misgender you?

Ok, I might as well admit up front that the question is somewhat rhetorical for trans women, at least. I've been misgendered so many times in epicrises it's not funny any more - it's just stupid. I have been able to have it corrected a number of times, and I think misgendering no longer occurs in my medical papers, but I've to admit I haven't checked for a while.

Think about it for a while, though.

Some trans women get referred to as "genetic men" in their medical records. Not only is it false (the whole term is so full of fail you just need to take my word for it if you can't think yourself through it), but it is also intensely demeaning - it's like the dear doctor's trying to drag you down to gender hell again.

In general, we're supposed to trust our doctors. Trans women, on the whole, don't. It's pretty damn clear why, innit? No respect or trust for us, no respect or trust comes back.

It isn't rocket science. Trans women are referred to as women. Trans women are given trans woman -specific medications (i.e. none of that stupid menopause-level HRT - most of us are definitely not in our menopausal age). Trans women are listened to. Our needs and wishes are to be respected. No stupid patronising. And if our doctor visits are not about our trans-related medical needs, leave the trans bit alone. It's just not relevant.


  1. Actually just had what I thought of as quite a pleasant opposite. Had to go into casualty with a broken leg, decided to do it male,(still mixed id), and had the doctor rather confused with him twice gendering me female. At least it gave me some confidence in his professional perspicacity, if less in my own performance abilities.

  2. Yeah - I had similar incidents, and I guess they were the tipping point for me. Once you start getting the message that no-one believes your act any more, the point for keeping it up kinda disappears. And then transition just seems to happen.