Friday, 1 April 2011

Sod visibility, too

(It seems I'm growing this into a series!)

International Transgender Day of Visibility? Count me out. I need visibility as trans like I need a hole in my head. I don't want pity. I don't want condescension or some fucking understanding, which is what actually happens almost all the time if I'm outed as trans. Oh, and don't forget the perverse questions and looks you get from people when they start furtively looking at your crotch, or the condescending remarks of the "welcome to womanhood" -variety. Yeah, I'll pass.

Here's yet again what I do want. I want the same decent treatment, same privacy and same rights and duties as everyone else, trans or cis. In my utopia, the whole concepts trans and cis would not exist at all, because if needed, we could just say "oh, they effed up my legal sex, but it's corrected now" or "I had this congenital defect fixed last month and was thus unable to work". If we, the people undergoing this stuff, so chose to.

If you absolutely have to have a day, have one called "International Day of Cis People Having a Hard Look at Their Oppressive Behaviour and Perverse Curiosity".


  1. I couldn't agree more with your post. I can't see any value in this at all. Trans acceptance will never be gained by being different, it will be gained by people understanding we're just like them. All this day will do is to encourage the attention seekers to crawl out of the woodwork and I don't think that will help acceptance at all.

    I just wish cis people would let trans people do what the vast majority want to do: Get on with their normal lives in privacy.

  2. (sorry for the late approval, somehow I've managed to overlook a bunch of stuff lately)

    I'm not sure I agree completely on that just like cis -bit, because, well, I'm not sure I'm just like a random cis woman in every respect, and neither are cis women necessarily that similar to each other.

    I'd rather put it like this: we deserve the same rights and respect everyone else does. Not because we're similar, or different, but because we're human. Because it's the proper thing to do. Because dehumanising people is bad/is a sin/bites you back. And that includes you, me, aunt Тillie, the guy next door and what have you. Which is nice. :)